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Welcome to ECigsHealth.com – Your #1 web site for E-Cigarette information and tips relating to your own personal health and the environment around you.

This web site was created by me, Kevin Curry and my wife of 4 years, Rachel Curry. Since we are both quite passionate smokers, we thought it was a good idea to try out this whole “blogging” thing and to be honest it took us quite a long time to get the hang of it but finally after a few months of trial and error we launched our first web site together for the purpose of sharing some exclusive information about E-Cigs to all our visitors, for free.

We have one goal on this web site and that is to give you the truth about E-Cigs with our personal reviews, e-cig pictures, e-cig videos and even our own recommended list of the top E-cig brand and starter kits to order.

We hope you are enjoying this web site, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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